Our clients

Groenveld Vlees is there for everyone. Our logistics facility allows us to deliver products to our clients ‘just in time’. We deliver products for:

  • Industry
  • Wholesalers
  • Supermarkets
  • Hospitality and catering suppliers
  • Butchers

Our assortment


We import grain- and grass-fed beef from both Europe and third countries.

Lamb and mutton

Groenveld Vlees imports lamb- and mutton from the following brands: Lanz Finest, Ovation, Te Kuiti and Horizon.


Groenveld Vlees sells horsemeat from the brands Friquay and Corona (Argentina).


Constant quality and a steady supply of chicken are two major factors why we import this product from Brazil and Thailand.


We offer a wide range of both fresh and frozen pork products.


Groenveld Vlees delivers fresh and frozen veal from the Netherlands (EKRO) – both white and rose