Import grain-fed beef

After the cattle have been living on the pampa/pastures for about 24 months, they are fed with grain for another 100 days at least. This produces well-marbled meat.

Import grass-fed beef

The cattle live year round on the Pampa, which helps to develop a richer flavour. This guarantees good animal welfare. Working with renowned producers guarantees the highest quality

EU beef

Beef from the UK, Ireland and Scotland enjoys an excellent reputation in Europe. The crossing of various breeds has produced a special flavour.

Our assortment


We import grain- and grass-fed beef from both Europe and third countries.

Lamb and mutton

Groenveld Vlees imports lamb- and mutton from the following brands: Lanz Finest, Ovation, Te Kuiti and Horizon.


Groenveld Vlees sells horsemeat from the brands Friquay and Corona (Argentina).


Constant quality and a steady supply of chicken are two major factors why we import this product from Brazil and Thailand.


We offer a wide range of both fresh and frozen pork products.


Groenveld Vlees delivers fresh and frozen veal from the Netherlands (EKRO) – both white and rose