Groenveld Vlees has supplied the highest-quality products for over 55 years. Our products are the direct result of our extensive quality control checks

All our meats comes from European community approved abattoirs, and our suppliers are annually audited and inspected to ensure that they continue to satisfy our strict quality standards. All products are purchased according to agreed specifications


You want to be confident that products from the international food industry meet both legal requirements and customer specifications. International standards have been developed so that businesses can demonstrate their ability to satisfy these demands

Since 2007, in recognition of our quality system, Groenveld Vlees has been certified to the highest BRC standard.
For a copy of our BRC certificate, please click on the following link:

View our BRC Certificate


Groenveld Vlees also possesses a Skal certificate, which let’s our customers know they can trust our organic products.

For a copy of our Skal certificate, please click on the following link:

View our Skal certificate

If you have further questions, please contact: kwaliteit@groenveldvlees.com

Our assortment


We import grain- and grass-fed beef from both Europe and third countries.

Lamb and mutton

Groenveld Vlees imports lamb- and mutton from the following brands: Lanz Finest, Ovation, Te Kuiti and Horizon.


Groenveld Vlees sells horsemeat from the brands Friquay and Corona (Argentina).


Constant quality and a steady supply of chicken are two major factors why we import this product from Brazil and Thailand.


We offer a wide range of both fresh and frozen pork products.


Groenveld Vlees delivers fresh and frozen veal from the Netherlands (EKRO) – both white and rose